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The Lonely

Updated: May 9, 2023


He is one seemingly without origin

Where are his associates, family and friends?

He appears out of the blue and enters your life.

He rarely speaks of his past and people ponder about his life

He remains at a distance, yet he imparts much

To uplift your spirits so you can soar to higher heights


He travels the path of life each day

Longing for someone to hold his hands

He yearns for peace, sincerity, safety and security

He craves for acceptance and heartfelt generosity

How and when will he find these virtues?

He is left to continue his lonesome search.


There are times when his loneliness is like a vapor

The sunbeam shines and makes like brighter

Quite often he meets a special friend that provides him comfort and tender care

His heart is in then illuminated by these golden rays of hope

He enjoys her companionship, and they share heart felt moments together

His life feels complete and his confidence lifts

He then fearlessly faces life’s difficult terrain of twist and turns


His sunshine moments are never forever

As the sad and discouraging thing keeps happening to him

Like pesticides that kill a plant

His persistent loneliness returns to conquer him

The friendship breaks: his spirit is dashed

He no longer keeps in touch as it causes pain

He hates the fact that he is lonely again

What can he do to break its reign?


He tries and tries to right this wrong

And expresses his pain through a tuneful song

However, as he shares his pitiful tale

This tune he hears echoed back to him, “O yeah? You are okay.”

“Okay?” he asks. “If they only knew. This is not the correct descriptive for me.”

He needs care; he needs kindness; he needs love

In order to banish the skyline of gray

He looks ahead with optimism and patiently awaits his day

When his silver line makes its grand display

Lonely, when will his loneliness end?

-M Walters

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A writer, teacher, producer and presenter, Marlon wants to motivate individuals to achieve their best and believes it can be as simple as building and maintaining lasting relationships. With over 15 years’ experience teaching adolescence, young and adult learners, his lifelong ambition is to impact lives in a positive way.

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