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My Father

Updated: May 9, 2023

My father lifts me high upon his shoulders.

So safe am I no foe or fear to find.

Each day he speaks some gentle words to cheer me

Along this cruel path of life, I go.

You are my strength, my confidant, my father.

In you I find my courage, strength, and joy.

I praise your name for you alone are worthy

Of all my love, because my father you are

When I have cares and needs, He always solves them.

Never a moment hidden from His eyes

Sometimes I wonder why He came to save me

Though shameful, vile and devious I am.

-M Walters

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A writer, teacher, producer and presenter, Marlon wants to motivate individuals to achieve their best and believes it can be as simple as building and maintaining lasting relationships. With over 15 years’ experience teaching adolescence, young and adult learners, his lifelong ambition is to impact lives in a positive way.

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