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Updated: May 9, 2023

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If it’s ever a road to travel or a trip to take you’ve got to do it boldly

You can’t always play it cool and let things run its course

Sometimes it takes a fight, with some exchange of blows to triumph

Some victorious are won by pure conviction while others are won by simply being a fierce warrior.


You don’t want to be left hanging high and dry at the end of the day

You need accolades to prove your efforts in battle

It’s pointless to enter a tournament just to tell others you had the experience

Reach for the goal, the peak the prize.


Stay ahead of the pack and be the pace setter

You don’t want to be bunched in with the crowd as you approach that final lap

If by chance you’re overtaken remain in striking distance

And as the race progresses dig deep and press forward

Then on the final lap you can strive for victory knowing full well you have given your all.


At journey’s end you want to be successful and happy

Not everyone will be, but you can surely be

Just as a builder constructs a bridge to last through the ages

You ought to direct your life so that your dreams don’t crumble

It can be a disheartening feeling whenever your efforts have failed

-M Walters

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