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Joseph: From the dungeon to the palace

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

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Years ago he was taken from his home

To be a captive child

His brothers left him in a pit one day

An act of jealousy on their part

They didn’t know that God would see him through

It broke their father’s heart in two

And as he mourned with grief throughout the years

God had Joseph standing for His cause


A Hebrew slave within his master’s house

His works were blessed and brought prosperity

His master’s wife in lust saw he was fair

And tried her best for him to lie with her

But he rose above temptations by his faith

Knowing to yield was sin against the Lord

And though she pressed and held him by his coat

He ran and left the garment in her hands


Accused of rape he was tossed within a cell

But he never doubt the mercies of the Lord

Though locked away the Lord was with this son

And He rescued him to rule throughout the land

From the dungeon to the palace

He was brought to the king

From the dungeon to the palace

The governor of Egypt, Joseph was his name

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