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God’s Love

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

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If ever you are wandering sad and alone feeling uncertain of which way to turn

You only need to look up and cast the misery aside, for the Lord is standing by your side.

You can cheer up good friends and keep your mind on the heavenly prize.


You may feel alone in your wilderness experience;

It may be that there is a blindfold of problems veiling your eyes

However, you can heed these words and know they are true “The Lord is always with you”.

Jesus is always there to see you through;

You have His assurance you that you’re never alone


Though fear might grip your heart;

While despair cast its ugly shadows on your life

Though all hope seems lost;

Despite the clouds of anxieties and perplexities hanging overhead

Take comfort that the Savior is standing there in the midst with healing in His wings.

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