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God’s Children

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

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We all are God’s children so we need to serve Him

We all need to lead someone to His cross

And I know we can do it if we are united

We just need to have the Lord in our hearts


Go forth now God’s children make disciples to serve Him

Spread His love all abroad by Divine Grace and Love

As we all do His will living faithful and true

Take the gospel of faith it’s the theme for our lives


God’s children keep fighting, God’s children keep praying

God’s children keep sight of the old rugged cross

For it is the base of the gospel commission

It was upon the cross the Lord paid it all


Behold Christ comes quickly to take us to His Holy City

With its twelve gates of pearl and its streets of pure gold

There we’ll never have need of sunlight or moonlight For the glory of God will be the light that is there

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